Tell us about Five Hearts?

Five Hearts launched in November 2021 with just three throw blankets made from 100% recycled cotton, designed by myself, Steph. At the heart of my business is a whole lot of passion, story-telling and sustainability while giving back to the communityOver the past two years I am proud to have expanded to 10 throw designsthe addition of matching totes and cushions along with offering complimentary products like macramé carry straps and Coast Kids goodies!

What inspired you to open Five Hearts?

When my third son Lincoln was six months old, I found myself struggling with my identity, along with diagnosed anxiety and post-natal depression. During my healing process, I focused heavily on mindfulness and simple things like spending time outdoors getting fresh air and vitamin D. This quickly turned into a desire to create beautiful, fun, meaningful and practical pieces that would inspire people to get outdoors, toimprove their mental health and make memories with the ones they love.

What is the meaning behind the business name?

Five Hearts has a double meaning for me. In my little family there are Five of us - myself, my husband of 12yrs and our three boys (8,5,3). When trying to conceive our boys, we encountered some obstacles along the waywhich sadly included two miscarriages. On the due date for one of these two babies, I had three hearts tattooed on my wrist one filled in, two just outlines. These hearts symbolise our two lost babies and my first-born son earthsideIn total, I have carried Five Hearts.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

Running my business online from home, means it’s hard to escape spending a lot of time here – haha! When I’m not ‘working’, you can find me doing anything creative (painting, drawing, decorating, baking) or just enjoying the great outdoors – a picnic with cheese platter and cheeky drop of wine = bliss

In saying that, by far my favourite thing to do is go camping with my boys - switching off, living more simply and appreciating every little moment.

Why did you become a stockist of Coast Kids?

With a focus on spending more time outdoors with my three energetic little boys I loved that, combined with my throws, Coast Kids products help to create those magical moments spent on the beach together. I wanted to offer beautiful products and those same meaningful moments to my customers.

What do you like most about our products?

I love products that get kids (and kids at heartoutside, being carefree and enjoying quality time – also helps that Coast Kids products are of exceptional quality, made in adorable colours and those Shelly Beach Moulds are the perfect nod to an Aussie summer. 

What do you love most about where you live?

After growing up in a small remote town, I appreciate the convenience and access to everything from shops, beaches, wineries, waterfalls, events and most of all; our friends and family here in Brissie.

Tell us, when visiting your home-town, what is your number one recommendation to see or do?

I love a picnic at Southbank Parklands overlooking the river and cityscape and when it’s hot, a quick dip in the man-made ‘beach’ is perfect. Another favourite of mine is an afternoon enjoying delicious bites and a cold beer (beer tasting paddle/beverage of choice)at Felons Brewing Co. Nothing better than kicking back in the outdoor area and enjoying the vibe with the Story Bridge as your backdrop.

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December 31, 2023